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19228 - Bianchi 100 9A 380 / 9mm Pistol Holster
Availability: In Stock
Bianchi 100 9A  380 / 9mm Pistol Holster - The Model 100 Professional holster is a comfortable inside-the-waistband design offering deep concealment. It rides at an optimum angle inside the waistband to ensure a secure fit and a proper firing grip on the draw. The high back provides a shield between the body and potentially sharp edges of the pistol for comfort and to protect clothing. A heavy-duty spring-steel belt clip safely and securely anchors the holster to the waistband or belts up to 1.75” wide. Made from premium full grain cowhide, the Professional holster features a non-slip suede-lined exterior that sits next to the body.

Fits: (plus others)
43, 3.39 Inch

P9, 3.6 Inch
K9, 3.6 Inch
P40, 3.6 Inch
MK9, 3 Inch
K40, 3.5 Inch
MK40, 3 Inch

P11, 3.1 Inch
Qty in Stock: 1

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